Located in Niagara Falls, we boast a well established custom manufacturing shop, enabling us to create everything from hand forged works of art to precision fabrications.

Our team uses a wide variety of metals, including steel, cast iron, stainless and aluminum, and works with an array of tools, from laser cutting machines to more traditional methods such as the hammer, forge and anvil- creating the works of art for which old world blacksmiths are renowned.

From the Niagara Region to Toronto, Hall Ironworks teams with architects, designers, homeowners and industrial customers to fulfill their  individual needs. The diverse clientele includes local industries, casinos, colleges, schools and homeowners, who are looking to add new ironwork or refurbish and repair older work, which speaks to the wide range of services our company can provide.

Our Story

Kevin Hall, an Honours Graduate in both Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, formerly designed fixtures and components ranging from automotive to aerospace. Although he enjoyed the technical aspect of his career choice, he was looking for an opportunity to flex some creative muscle.

The turn of the century resulted in Kevin’s final decision to find his niche. Hall Ironworks was born and satisfied clients have fueled the creative effort ever since. From Niagara to Toronto, Hall Ironworks co-ordinates with architects, designers, homeowners, and industrial customers to fill their individual needs and requirements.